Audi create high resolution Canvas for Goodwood with Microtiles

MicroTiles for iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Working for Central Presentations, Production AV supplied over 250 Christie Digital MicroTiles for the Audi pavillion at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed held at the end of June 2011. The display measured 12m in width and over 2.5m in height with a gentle curve adding further wow factor to the display. High resolution content made the most of the massive pixel space and gave a fantastic backdrop to the various Audi cars on display.

Largest MicroTiles Canvas in Europe.

The array made up of 270 Tiles and mutliple ECU controllers was driven by Central Presentations Christie Spyder X20 system, allowing content to be displayed across mutltiple windows or the whole dispaly depending on the requireements, and to date this is the largest single array of MicroTiles constructed in Europe. The native resolution of the array sporting a massive 21600 x 4860 pixel space.

Rapid Delpoyment.

The build of the wall took a little over twelve hours with four crew and experienced MicroTile Technicians from Production AV. Due to Production AV’s investment in MicroTile specific power distribution the cabling and setup was rapid and methodical. With a low power draw for each Tile, the overall requirement was not as large as would have been required for a similar sized LED wall, but required a large number of feeds to the individaul MicroTiles.

Massive Impact

The Screen provided the impact to back drop the cars within the pavilion lending the impact required to filled the space, and Production AV are proud to have supported Central Presentations in creating the largest array in Europe for this iconic event.

If you want to add the same impact to your exhibition or live event, then get in touch with Production AV to get a tailored quotation for your requirements.