Barco CLM Series Projectors available for hire from Production:av

Production:av has made an investment into the Barco CLM Series of Projectors. The CLM series offers a high brightness from a small form factor, with cutting edge liquid cooled DLP technology. Production has available for rental immediately:

  •  CLM R10+ 10,000 Lumens at SXGA+ Resolution (1400×1050) with DVI and 5BNC input boards. Cased complete with rigging kit and remote.
  • CLM HD8 8500 Lumens at True HD resolution (1920×1080) with HD-SDI and 5 BNC input boards. Cased complete with rigging kit and remote.

Production;av has also invested in the full lens range, which combined with the 100% Horizontal and Vertical Lens shift, gives a huge number of possibilities for projector placement. The lenses available are:

  • 0.85:1 Fixed 
  • 1.2-1.5:1 Short Zoom
  • 1.5-2.2:1 Standard Zoom
  • 2.2-4.0:1 Long Zoom
  • 4.0-7.0:1 Long Zoom Lens


  • CLM R10+ £850/Day  £2550/Week
  • CLM HD8  £1050/Day £3150/Week
  • Lenses £85/Day £255/Week

Prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate. All these items are available as kits or separately. Please call for a tailor quote for your requirements.