GreenBelt 2013 – Life Begins at 40!

Greenbelt 2013 – Life Begins at 40!

Or so the saying goes! And 40 years on Greenbelt is still looking and sounding great. Our 4th year working on site for Pure Solutions delivering site wide video systems and technical support, again went without a hitch.

Production AV – Site wide festival video supplier.

Greenbelt was slightly smaller in 2013 after the horrendous weather experienced in 2012, which left parts of the centre course in a poor condition. This year all the venues were located on the ‘Grandstand’ side of Cheltenham Racecourse, giving us a total of 15 venues, each with individual requirements, ranging from a single Trilite lectern through to a complete video system with Full HD projection and switching.

Being a Christian arts festival ensures that some of the worship and music venues have specific requirements, such as the ability to undertake keying of song words over camera or video images. In some instance we had to ensure the ability to support legacy input formats, and integrate them into existing infrastructure in the racecourse venues. Other venues, such as the film venue required the ability to show films at the correct resolution and colour. Working with Pure Solutions who draw together technical specifications for each venue, we deployed a range of hardware from our equipment inventory including Christie and Barco projection, Barco Image Processing and Panasonic flat panel displays to meet the requirements of each venues programming.

A great team

The equipment is nothing without the people to support it. Production AV provided an experienced team to instal the equipment and commission the completed systems. Technicians then remained on site providing an ‘on-call’ cover team to assist the festivals volunteer crew where needed.

As always it was a pleasure to work alongside the teams from Dobson Sound, GLS Lighting, and Power Logistics, the other site contractors. And again thanks to Pure Solutions for choosing selecting Production AV for 2013, and we look forward to continuing our involvement with the festival in 2014 and beyond.