Production AV can provide you with a revolutionary digital canvas for your next event …

Christie Digital MicroTiles available for hire from Production AVChristie Digital MicroTiles

Christie MicroTiles are a flexible and innovative new product combining the latest in digital technology to create a screen display which is limited only by your imagination.  Wherever, whenever, however – this revolutionary modular system allows you to build a digital display of any shape and size.  Using the lightweight MicroTile modules, you can create everything from a traditional video screen through to columns, arches … the possibilities are endless.

The ability to build displays from small modular blocks means that the display can literally stop people in their tracks, never having seen content shown in such a startling shape with such clarity and colour.

They are available for Hire and Purchase from Production AV Ltd.

Christie MicroTiles Brochure

We view this technology as a real step forward on the use of digital displays.  Using a high brightness, high resolution system, the tiles can make your content come alive. Applications so far include exhibition booth displays, moving content within conference sets, and installation both on ceilings and under transparent flooring – this is just a beginning …


Unrivalled Flexibility

Designed as a small building block module, the MicroTile gives a multitude of possible shapes for your array. This means your content came come alive in any shape or format.



For more information on Hiring or purchasing MicroTile please contact us via the online form, or email info@productionav.co.uk

For more technical information on the MicroTiles please have a look at our MicroTiles Technical Page