Integrated System makes life easier for Burrswood.

Following the success of the installation in St Matthew’s Tunbridge wells led the facilities team at Burrswood Christian Hospital to contact Production:av to help out with the refurbishment of the Church of Christ the Healer. The church gives the patents and guests at the hospital a space to reflect and relax. The existing system was dated and didn’t provide the best possible output. 

After an initial site visit and meeting Production:av drew up a system proposal that included a fully integrated system giving a single control point for the Audio and video elements through a touch screen. The system was then split into two phases:

  1. Audio System and control elements,
  2. Video System,

The first phase was commissioned shortly after the initial proposals were submitted, with work fitting into the existing refurbishment schedule. 

The installed system was based around the Ikonavs Touch6 touch screen controller, Allen & Heath iDR and EV speakers and amplifiers. The Touch6 Panel was programmed to give the ability to select room layouts and appropriate speaker outputs with minimal effort. Additional input points and refurbishment of existing infrastructure gave new Microphone positions, whilst the installation of new speakers and amplifiers gave a new dimension to the audio reproduced in the services. The audio is also fed to the 40+ patient bedrooms across the site by means of a 100v line system.

Phase Two of the system will see the integration of a video cameras to enable the live video relay to be fed to the bedrooms via a switcher integrated through the touch Screen. These new additions will give the patients a much more inclusive feel, but due to the nature of the control system will be integrated with little fuss or additional user training.