Keswick Convention 2009

2009 saw the Keswick Convention, running since 1875, held at the heart of the lake district within the convention centre in Keswick Cumbria. Working directly for the convention, Production:av was tasked with lifting the standards of the main screens and switching systems that are utilised for the three duration of the event.

Previous the convention has employed a system that has grown with the convention as AV technology has emerged. This had served it’s purpose well, but it was felt that to keep with the expectations of a modern conference go-ers, improvements could be made.

The key aim was to ensure that the main screens flanking the side of the stage could be seen in all light conditions. The convention utilise their own large marquee that is erected on site every year. Being manufactured from a white material, it lets high levels of ambient light into the venue during the day time sessions.

To combat this Production:av approached the problem from two angles – the projection, secondly the signal aspects.

Firstly high brightness 10,000 lumen projectors were supplied in the form of Barco CLM R10+ projectors, flown from the lighting truss firing onto 8’x6′ front projection screens.

Secondliy a digital signal path was employed from many of the sources through the supplied Barco Screen Pro II switcher and fed via fibre onto the projectors as a DVI signal. This meant that there were no losses within the signal path, and a minimum of processing. A mix of the cameras was provided by Cutting Edge Uk as an SD SDI feed, which was then keyed over with song words from a PC, at the native DVI Resolution. Production:av also supplied a technician to provide support and operation during the event as well as crew to rig and de-rig.

The event was a success, with the only complaints being that the screens were too bright!