Lambeth Conference 2008

The Church of England bring all the Bishops together once every 10 years for it’s conference. Production:av were proud to be the suppliers for the Visual systems in the two venues- The Big Top and the The Spouses Venue.

The Big Top

The big top was the main venue for the 3 week long conference. Production:av supplied three projection screens backed by Barco CLM projectors, controlled via the Projector Toolset software to enable remote management. The two side screens with 10,000 lumen CLM R10+ projectors were driven by a Barco Screen Pro II switcher using a DVI over fibre system, taking in a mixed broadcast camera feed provided by Production:av, along with graphics from Apple Hardware running Keynote and visiting speakers laptops. 

The central screen was fed from a second Screen Pro II via the Enhanced Output with an HD-SDI signal to the Barco CLM HD8 projector, giving stunning true HD imagery from the various feeds.

A team of 5 oversaw the events through out, ensuring that we wre able to respond to the clients wishes with a minimum of trouble.

The Spouses Venue.

The Spouses venue hosted a varied program of events aimed more at allowing the wives of the bishops to build community. Again Production:av supplied a full system based around the Barco Presentation ProII Digital and the CLM R10+. Powerpoint and songwords were mixed with the camera images from the operated camera system installed for the duration.

The event was a success for the Church of England, and Production:av, and Production:av are grateful to Affinity events and Reelife for choosing to use us. Thanks also to the guys that were on site and made it run so smoothly.