LED for Creative Capital

Production:av are proud to have been involved with the University of Wales’ Creative Capital Event held at the East Winter Gardens in Canary Wharf London. The event brought together a diverse mix of people from across the UK and Europe to showcase the talent and creativity that the University has within it’s Newport campus. The centre peice of the event were three LED screens – one at the rear of the stage 2.5m high by 14m wide and then a screen on either side of stage at 2.5m by 5m.

Production:av were brought in by Tarren Production to manage and provide the interface between the various content providers and the display in the form of an ultra wide LED screen at the rear of the stage and a smaller screen on each side of the stage.

Content was provided from the University and external sources, as well as a Catalyst Media Server System supplied by Production:av for the three day event. The sources were fed into a Barco Screen Pro II system to enable the multiple layers and looks that the event required to be programmed quickly and recalled on the fly as the show evolved. Cameras were operated by students from the University, which were fed into the vision mixer, whilst feeds from the stage for Powerpoint and computer sources were also ingested and processed as required.

The Screen Pro II control system fed the screens with a DVI signal via a Fibre Optic to enable the control to be positioned at the front of house position. It also meant that a one to one pixel map was possible on the Hibino 6mm LED screens- several ‘Sandpit’ sessions required high resolution text which looked absolutely fantastic, whilst a series of fashion shows pushed the creative abilities of the system.

Production:av Ltd would like to thank Tarren Production and Pugh Associates for involving us in the event.