MicroTiles for Production AV

Production AV is proud to be the first UK rental house to take the new high resolution, modular, LED driven digital canvas from Christie Digital into it’s hire stock.

The MicroTiles offer a unique product for exhibition designers and live event producers, enabling you to create bespoke displays in new shapes that give stunning resolution and close up detail with a very wide colour gamut that can give the precise colour that is required by the client’s brand guidelines. It’s ability to be built into stripes or blocks enables digital signage to go beyond the traditional flat screen display helping to engage with increasingly saturated viewers.

Each 16″ wide by 12″ high module is only 10″ deep, and requires 2″ of cooling space to the rear. The native display resolution is a 720×540 pixels, so it is possible to create above HD resolution displays of multiple shapes, enabling your client to get face to face with the image and not loose image quality. Production AV have taken a quantity of MicroTiles, ECU’s, rigging hardware and ancillary items into stock, along with Onelan NTB5505 Digital Signage player for demo and rental use as well as Apple Mac Mini computers for playing back content on discrete MicroTiles Displays.

For more information on the MicroTiles please have a look at the MicroTiles website. Production AV is also now a Christie Digital Partner, which enables collaboration with Christie, as well as access to extensive facilities of the EMEA regional HQ in Wokingham.

If you have a project in mind for the MicroTiles, then please do get in touch with us either by Local Rate telephone on 0845 37 000 24 or by email to info@productionav.co.uk We are able to offer both rental and sales solutions for fixed installation, Digital Signage and Architectural environments.