Pony Club AGM 2007

Production:av had the pleasure of supplying technical support to the 2007 Pony Club AGM held at ‘The Centaur’ at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Based around a flown screen with a 10,000 lumen projector providing the images. The show consisted of Powerpoint and embedded video clips operated by a competent Video Engineer and PowerPoint technician. A data switcher was employed to allow the change over from the ‘Show PC’ to ‘Back up PC’ if it was required, however there were no issues that required this facility, due to implementation of properly prepared show PC’s. Stage Monitors allowed for the Top Table to get a good view of the presented material.

This was a yet another show where the Production:av staff were recognised as ‘Professional and Businesslike’, and having played a key part in the ‘smooth running’ of the days proceedings. Many thanks must go to Clare Boardman, Senior Administrative Secretary for the Pony Club, for her praise, but also for being a great client to work for.