Barco ScreenPRO II Controller


The Barco ScreenPRO II Controller adds flexibility and greater control to multi-screen and single screen events, enhancing PIP and KEY placement, source switching, and layer control options during a presentation. The ScreenPRO II controller also allows for remote switching of the MatrixPro routers encasing the total flexibility and capacity of the presentation system. The Controller includes access to 36 presets, available to the operator at a touch of a button. Combined with the ScreenPro II Processors and a BlendPro II, the ScreenPro II Controller can manage blended screens up to 4 projectors wide.



Input Capability:

  • Up to 16 Input Sources

External Control:

  • Up to 3 External Routers


  • 8 Total Destinations (4 x ScreenPro, 4 x Aux)


  • 36: 6 Pages of 6 Presets


  • 3.8″ Touch Screen, 3-Axis Joystick, Analogue T-Bar

Kit Includes:

  • RJ45 Cable, LittleLite

Power Consumption:

  • 1.0 Amps

Transport Weight (Kg):

  • 15.9

Barco ScreenPRO II Controller Manual
Barco ScreenPRO II Controller Spec Sheet

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