Canford BP111 Comms Beltpack


The BP111 is a tough, light-weight beltpack suitable for use on the belt, free standing or on a wall. The operator has a headphone volume control, mic on-off switch, and a signal light/switch for attracting the attention of other users on the same circuit. A pre-set adjustment is provided for the level of the user’s voice in his own headphone (sidetone). All connections to the unit are via XLR type connectors, rather than wired-in leads..All connections are on the bottom, making the unit more comfortable when clipped to the belt. The high ‘bridging impedance’ of the unit ensures that side-tone and system sound levels are not altered as outstations are switched on and off the circuit.



Power Requirements:

  • 24/30V DC, 10mA quiescent. 40mA max with Signal lamp on.

Headphone output:

  • Suits 8 ohm to 4k ohm headphones.

Microphone input:

  • Suits 200 ohm to 600 ohm dynamic microphones. Sidetone rejection: Up to 45dB.


  • XLR 3 pin male and female – system loop through XLR 4 pin male.


  • 107 x93 x50mm.

Transport Weight:

  • 0.4kg

Canford BP111 Comms Beltpack Manual
Canford BP111 Comms Beltpack Spec Sheet

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