Interspace Industries Microcue Kit


The MicroCue Kit is the mobile professional’s 1st choice presentation cueing system. Featuring USB interfacing, MicroCue can connect to computers and directly control up to 2 PowerPoint presentations as in main and back up or a separate presentation for notes etc., as well as providing visual and audible cues. The system design provides for a highly portable and a quick, easy-to-set-up presentation control system.




  • RF 434.075 MHz RF Signal type: FSK modulation


  • BNC for detachable aerial
  • Mini jack socket for audio output
  • PS2 style keyboard connector for keyboard programming
  • 2 x B-type USB (1.1) connector DC socket for optional power supply

Required user parts:

  • Mini jack stereo headphones if discreet tone is required
  • 12V DC 500mA optional power pack If using without USB

Transport Weight (Kg):

  • 0.5kg

Batteries for Transmitter handset:

  • Original 1 x Mn1604 (9V) Laser 1xAA (TR) & 1xCR2 (Laser)

Accessories included:

  • 1 x wireless handset (option of 2 or 3 button
  • 2 x USB series A-B cables
  • 1 x Aerial

Interspace Industries MicroCue Kit Manual
Interspace Industries Microcue Kit Spec Sheet

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