Interspace Industries Microcue

Interspace Industries Microcue Kit


The MicroCue Kit is the mobile professional’s 1st choice presentation cueing system. Featuring USB interfacing, MicroCue can connect to computers and directly control up to 2 PowerPoint presentations as in main and back up or a separate presentation for notes etc., as well as providing visual and audible cues. The system design provides for a highly portable and a quick, easy-to-set-up presentation control system.


Product Description


  • RF 434.075 MHz RF Signal type: FSK modulation


  • BNC for detachable aerial
  • Mini jack socket for audio output
  • PS2 style keyboard connector for keyboard programming
  • 2 x B-type USB (1.1) connector DC socket for optional power supply

Required user parts:

  • Mini jack stereo headphones if discreet tone is required
  • 12V DC 500mA optional power pack If using without USB

Transport Weight (Kg):

  • 0.5kg

Batteries for Transmitter handset:

  • Original 1 x Mn1604 (9V) Laser 1xAA (TR) & 1xCR2 (Laser)

Accessories included:

  • 1 x wireless handset (option of 2 or 3 button
  • 2 x USB series A-B cables
  • 1 x Aerial

Interspace Industries MicroCue Kit Manual
Interspace Industries Microcue Kit Spec Sheet

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