Stonewood CBP1 Comms Beltpack

Stonewood CBP1 Comms Beltpack


The GS-CBP1 is a single channel comms beltpack. The unit incorporates a three position microphone switch, a momentary action PTT (push to talk) function, a call button with flashing indicator, headphone volume knob and variable side tone adjustment. Connection to the communication line is made by standard 3 pin XLR connectors.


Product Description

Input Level:

  • 2.5mV RMS for nominal, 115mV RMS on comms line

Output Level:

  • 250mV RMS max into 200 ohms

Supply voltage:

  • 24V nominal


  • Line in: XLRF-3 Line out: XLRM-3 Headset: XLRM-4


  • 0.5kg

Compatible with all Clearcom systems.

Stonewood Single Channel Beltpack Spec Sheet

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