Production:av = Change

I=Change is an ongoing project to see people lives changed. Production:av were part of that on Saturday the 7th of February, providing video support for the i=Change Live event, featuring live music from Jake Isaac and band supported by other artists such as Muyiwa, Guvna B, Michaela ‘BIRTHOFAPOET’, Ryan Carty and Roger Samuel.

The event was a Live Recording, with the evenings proceedings being recorded for a live a album and DVD. Production:av were asked to provide the video recording and live screen IMag (Image Magnification) to the event held in the Salvation Army’s Regents Hall off Oxford street in central London.

Production:av provided 4 High Def camera (two fixed, one moving to cover the stage as well as High Def ‘pole cam’ for aerial shots) production to cover the event for the DVD recording and IMag, with the images beeing mixed, before being fed into the Barco ScreenPROII HD/SDI to enable clean and seamless switching between Keynote Slides from an Apple iMac, cameras and when required the song words Luma Keyed over the camera images. The images were then fed to the Barco CLM HD8 via a DVI over fibre optic system, projecting from the rear of the room enabled by our extensive lens range. Production:av provided a crew of camera men, assistants, vision mixer, and graphics operator, all highly experienced meant that the images fed to the screens looked gorgeous from start to finish.

The event ran smoothly despite the challenges of working in a central London (yeap- the traffic wardens struck despite the parking having been covered by the production manager). We look forward to seeing the results of the evenings work. Keep an eye out for the I=Change tour coming later this year, and we’ll try and get a link to the edited footage when we can.