Production:av help NFI Acceler8.

August 2008 saw Production:av working for the NFI Wessex region churches on one of those gigs that is a pleasure to be involved with. Acceler8 was held at the New Forrest show ground using a Big Top for the main venue. Production:av were supplying our usual high quality video system to enable the delegates to see the stage party, and relay song words and notices.

Using the Barco CLM R10+ for the main projection, along with the Barco Screen PROII switcher and DVI over Fibre meant that the signal quality and resultant image was as high as possible. Using upto four cameras images to ensure a dynamic mix, with the song words keyed over the top help give a seamless presentation.

We had a great time on site, due to the crew and the organisation. For the first event they had the site and schedule sorted, meaning the crew and delegates had a great time. We’re looking forward to being back for Acceler8 2009.