Production:av provide complete solution for Axa Winterthur.

Production:av are proud to provide a full av solution for Axa Winterthur’s recent Manchester conference, and further upcoming events.

The solution centred on a full HD centre screen with 8500 lumens for full impact, driven by Barco switching and a DVI over fibre system to ensure that the quality of the signal from source to screen. This was support by an EAW speaker system and Shure radio microphones to ensure that the audio was crisp, clean and consistent through out the conference.

Lighting took advantage of a mix of generic lanterns and Moving heads to give various looks through out the day and in to the evening awards ceremony.

Production:av also designed and provided the simple widescreen set to the clients requirements. This set has been designed to enable use at multiple venues through out the UK as required.

However equipment on it’s own doesn’t make an event. Production:av supplied experienced and knowledgeable crew to supplement our in house staff on the event to ensure it’s success. Working from start to finish through a single point of contact with our Project Manager ensured that the client had nothing to worry about and a quick response to any issues that might have arisen. Production:av were proud to be working for Dair*, and look forward to working together on further events in the future.