Production:av provide widescreen for Amsterdam 400 Event

2009 sees the 400th anniversary of the Baptist Church, having start from a group of people who fled England and settled in Amsterdam. With this in mind the European Baptist Federation held a celebration in Amsterdam to mark the 400th Anniversary.

Held at the Theatre in heart of the Rai Complex on the edge of Amsterdam, Production;av supplied a camera, switching and projection package to the event, working through the production management company Affinity Events.

The solution was based around a 10’x25′ truss framed rear projection screen flown at the rear of the stage, and filed with a pair of full HD Barco CLM HD8 projectors giving a 16,000 lumen image on the screen. The signal was fed to the projectors as a DVI signal over a Fibre Optic system to ensure that the signal being projected suffered no loss on the journey from the control position at FOH to the projection position at the rear of stage.

Switching was undertaken at Full HD level (1920×1080 pixels) by the Barco Screen Pro II switcher and Screen Pro II controller. The SPII was feed by a range of sources such as Laptops for on-site video edits, Powerpoint, and camera images. Cameras provided a full HD image to the Panasonic AV-HS400 vision mixer, enabling¬† full HD work flow through out, from lens to lens with no scaling in between.

The event ran for three days with no hitches, and was a success. The client was very happy with the solution provided commenting that it was the best video system and screen look that they have had to date. This was due to both the high quality of equipment we supplied, and the experienced and competent team operating it. Our thanks also go to Tim Perrett for providing fantastic lighting for the event and Mark Heaps and Ben Warlow from Affinity Events for getting us involved in the job.