Quality Exhibition LED Screens and AV Production:

Science Screens

With technology advancing with such pace, it is critical to use the latest developments to engage and connect with your audience. LED screens, flat panel displays and projection are all great ways of standing out within an exhibition space. We want to work closely with you to provide the impact your exhibition deserves through our AV services.

AV Services and Equipment:

Indoor LED Screens:
Our high definition, stunning indoor LED screen range is the perfect centrepiece for an eye catching and productive exhibition. These screens can display videos, social media and also be set up for a range of interactive features. No matter how big or small of a screen, we will work to your desires and provide a quality solution within your budget.

Our professional range of projectors will leave people unable to take their eyes off your exhibition. We have the capabilities to provide a simple screen and projector all the way up to a super wide angle blended projection solution. Whatever projection solution you have in mind, we can provide it.

If you are interested in reading an in depth and technical explanation of one of our exhibition AV solutions, follow the link below.

Science Festival 2016 – Space World