Barco HDX-W20 Flex – 20,000 Lumen HD Projectors available for hire.

New rental Stock – Full WUXGA Resolution 20,000 Lumen Projection

HDX W20 Projector available for hire from Production AV Ltd

Production AV is happy to announce a significant investment into the Barco HDX Projection platform in the shape of the flag ship HDX-W20 Flex product, and TLD+ lenses suite.

Available from the 24th of August, Production AV will be stocking these units, along with the Barco TLD+ high brightness lenses , as well as new PDS901 3G switchers.


Designed for the Road

The HDX series has been designed for rental companies, by rental companies. Based on Xenon Lamp and DLP technology, the HDX W20 Flex offers up to 20,000 lumens of light output with the ‘Light On Demand’ function, but also the ability to be dimmed in 2000 lumen increments, giving unrivalled flexibility. Unsurpassed onboard processing gives great 3D signal handling, onboard Warp and image manipulation, with a built in preview screen enabling verification of the signal path without having to power up the projector.

With the available brightness and rugged nature of the HDX platform, these projectors are ideally suited to large scale projection mapping requirements, and high fidelity corporate presentations. The Xenon light source also gives great colour rendition, ensuring that these projectors will display film content as the director intended.

The units also feature BarcoLink technology, that enables the transmission of WUXGA signals (1920×1200 @ 50/59.6/60Hz) over a single Coaxial cable up to 100 metres. This can greatly simplify setup and also reduce cost, as there is no longer a need for the use of fibre systems over longer distances.

Barco HDX inputs

With the additional WiFi and GSM Mobile options fitted to our units, we have the ability to wirelessly control the projector, and also make adjustments to the units settings without needing to be present with the units – including remote brightness level adjustments over the cell phone network.

Weighing only 50Kg, drawing 12A approximately, and having low noise fans, mean these projectors are equally at home in corporate events of rock and roll touring scenarios.

Flexible Rental Options

Production AV will be offering the HDX at all brightness levels – 10,000, 12,000, 14,000, 16,000, 18,000 and 20,000 lumens to suit your requirements for both brightness and budget. The units come with 3G HD-SDI inputs and a universal input via a DVI connector. Should it be required, other input cards can be supplied.

We will also be supplying the units with a single point rigging bracket and standard Barco 4 point rigging hardware.

For the Barco HDX Series Brochure please follow this Link: HDX Series Brochure.

Pricing will start at £2500 per day (ex VAT) for the HDX-W20 option, with a sliding scale with each 2,000 lumen light increment, with lenses priced at £150 per day ex VAT, and working on a 3 day week.

Please Contact us for a quote for your next event, or to find out more details on these units, or any of our other rental stock.