Ignition 2007

Production:av spent 4 days in Stratford Park, Stroud for the finale of the Ignition Mission. Providing the Video system along with cameras and Powerpoint and technical support to the event. The event was the last in a series of three,Production:av having supplied the previous two events in September and December 2006. J.John was the main speaker with the Ignition band returning to provide the worship and musical entertainment.

Dual Screen Video System.
Production:av supplied a similar system for the last event as to the previous two. Based around two 5000 Lumen Christie Digital LX50 projectors paired with 10’x7’6″ Fastfold Screens, with an Extron Scaler providing the switching and scaling. The switcher was fed by two cameras, DVD Playback and a Powerpoint PC with back up unit. The two cameras were operated by Production:av camera operators, whilst the show and song words were mixed and called by Pete McCrea. The show was a success with audiences appreciating J.John’s whit and direct approach, as well as the music and interesting testimonies.