Barco ScreenPRO II HD EOC

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The Barco ScreenPro II HD Switcher uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PIPs or Keys, and an unscaled Downstream Key) to produce sophisticated effects. Two inputs are scaled and mixed to provide transitions within a PIP or, alternately, two independent PIPs or Keys displayed on a background. In addition, two unscaled high-resolution input channels provide seamlessly transitioning backgrounds, or alternatively, a high resolution background and high resolution Downstream Key (DSK). In addition, up to two SD/HD-SDI inputs are available for the scaled channels. The Enhanced Output Card (EOC) provides additional video outputs at the same or different resolutions than the systems main output.

Product Description

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Scaled Inputs:

  • 8 x Universal on VGA Composite/Component/RGBHV
  • Up tp 2048 x 1080 2K
  • 2 x HD-SDI

Un-Scaled Inputs:

  • 2 x Background/DSK Digital on DVI-I

EOC Outputs:

  • 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x Analogue RGBHV/YUV

Program Outputs:

  • 1 x DVI-I
  • 2 x Analogue VGA

Preview Outputs:

  • 1 x Analogue VGA

Outputs Res:

  • Up to 2048 x 1080


  • Logo Frame Store, Keying Effects up to 2 Moving PIPs, Seamless Switching

Power Consumption:

  • 1.0 Amps

Transport Weight (Kg):

  • 15.3