Portable Video Production Unit (PPU)


Production AV have created a Portable Video Production Unit (PPU) that has been designed to be flexible to your event requirements.

Router based flexibility.

Based around the Panasonic AV-HS400 the PPU comes stock with 4 HDSDI inputs and two DVI inputs. Additional inputs can be accommodated via the Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub router with control panel located in the Engineering side of the PPU. A pair of 24″ tft monitors, Blackmagic SmartView and SmartScope monitors are all fed through the video hub allowing for flexibility in where sources are monitored. A yellowbrik SPG provides sync to all relevant components. A network switch and Apple Mac Mini allow networked control of all relevant hardware, as well as the ability to have directors or lighting designers monitors with feeds selectable from remote video hub control panels. Power is provided to the rack via a UPS to ensure continuity of supply and prevent drop outs due to power problems.

Comms is catered for by way of a dual channel base station with adaptors to allow interfacing with Sony studio camera channels (not supplied).

Additional space allows for record decks to be fitted in the PPU, and the front and rear covers become tables when removed.

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Standard Contents of PPU included are:

Additional Hardware that can be supplied as required:

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