Superdry Amsterdam – Store Managers Conference

Superdry Amsterdam Conference 2017 AV Banner

Production AV were pleased to be involved with Superdry’s Store Managers Conference hosted in Amsterdam on behalf of Tarren. We were tasked with providing a full AV solution to the conference space, catwalk and dinner presentation as well as four break out rooms. Our five strong team led by Olie Goulding were onsite providing the coordination and technical knowhow to assist Superdry in maximising the conference and drive home a strong, positive message for 2018.

Superdry Complete AV Conference Solution

Superdry Amsterdam 2017 Conference Barco ProjectionThe main conference area provided a space for the Superdry business briefing and a Barco HDX W14 DLP Projector was rested on our projection racking to rear project onto a Stumpfl 16′ x 9′ which allowed the entire audience to fully engage with the presentation through figures and animations. The presentations were loaded onto our PlayBack Pro software and then switched using our Barco PDS-901 9 in 1 Out Seamless Switcher. As this was a complete AV solution, audio was also provided with Sennheiser radio microphones for presenters , l’Acoustic X12 loudspeakers plus l’acoustics SB18 Subs and a Midas M32R Mixing Desk for control.

A similar setup was used in the catwalk/dinner presentation space where another Barco HDX W14 DLP Projector projected onto an identical Stumpfl screen. Instead of a PDS, our new Roland V1-HD 4 Input HDMI Vision Mixer capability mixed the show and we were impressed by it’s versatility despite it’s small and simple design. Sixteen D&B T10 loudspeakers were flown in arrays of four supported with D&B B22 subwoofers under the stage. and the show was driven using a Yamaha QL1 Mixer. This delivered superb sound for both the presentations and the catwalk where the the newest range of products were being premiered for their Autumn/Winter Collection.

Superdry Amsterdam 2017 Conference LED Screen

In the breakout rooms we worked with Superdry’s own stock of 3.9mm LED screen modules and created two LED screens. They were being used for more intimate workshops and presentations for 20 – 30 people. Data was scaled using Barco ImagePRO II Dual’s and then fed to the screens using our Nova MCTRL660 Processors. Audio equipment was also provided to these rooms in the form of Sennheiser microphones and loudspeakers. The final area that audio was provided was the mock shops where presenters had Sennheiser radio mics and four D&B M4 loudspeakers were used to relay their voices around the shops.

Superdry Amsterdam 2017 Conference LED Screen Breakout Rooms

The conference was a massive success with Superdry store managers feeling positive and prepared for the exciting new developments the company has planned for 2018 and beyond. We’d like to thank Tarren and Superdry for their continued support and we look forward to providing the AV solution for the next Superdry briefing.

Superdry Fashion Show – Sportswear Launch

Superdry Sportwear Launch 2016 Banner

Production AV were appreciative to once again work for long term client Tarren Production Ltd by providing a complete video solution using LED screens, flat panel displays, HD camera feeds and screen management systems. It was an honour to be apart of Superdry’s exciting businesses developments namely the launch of their sportswear line.

3mm High Resolution LED Screen with Barco S3-4K Switching

3.9mm LED Screen - Superdry Sportswear Launch

The main centerpiece of the event were our DigiLED 3.9mm LED Panels. We built two 4.5m x 2.5m LED walls on either side of the stage. These screens were used to showcase content that expressed the evolution of Superdry’s aspirational design story, offering essential items for everyday fitness as well as capsule collections for Athleisure, Yoga, Gym, Running and Cycle.

3.9mm LED Screens - Superdry Sportswear Launch

Positioned to capture the catwalk was a Sony PMW-EX3 Video Camera which fed live video to a Samsung ME65B 65″ Flat Panel Display which the models used as reference for their cues throughout the show. Playback of Powerpoints and keynotes were also displayed on screen for numerous talks by members of the Superdry team and brand ambassadors. All content was managed and switched by pairing the Barco EC-50 Event Controller with the Barco S3-4K Screen Management System which functioned flawlessly throughout the event.

Again we’d like to thank Tarren Production Ltd and Superdry for choosing us to provide the screen and video management for this event. We look forward to working on more successful events in the future.


Continued Equipment Investment

S3-4K and EC-50 ImageProduction AV is proud to announce further investment in equipment in the form of the Barco S3-4K and EC-50 screen control system from Barco. Ideal for switching DisplayPort, HDMI and SDI sources, the S3-4K is ideal for a range of uses in situations from Live Events and Exhibitions to Conferences and Trade Shows. The processors partner with our high resolution 3.9mm Indoor and 6mm Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen products and High quality projection products for a complete solution.

Native 4K Solution

Barco S3-4K Compact Screen Management System

The S3-4K offers native support for 4K sources allowing the capability to manage and switch 4K content for displays. With up to 12 inputs and 10 outputs available in the HD setting the S3-4K offers real flexibility. Combined with the EC-50 Controller for hands on control of sources, layers and Presets the system offers a great solution for switching AV sources at conferences, exhibitions, lives events, music gigs, trade shows corporate events and awards ceremonies.

Increased Flexibility

Barco E2 Screen Management System

Where you require additional sources or outputs, then the Barco E2 offers these. Offering 28 inputs over HDMI, 3G HD-SDI and DisplayPort, as well as 14 outputs the E2 is designed for the larger event or show. It will also seamlessly link with the S3-4K to offer additional inputs and flexibility.

Remote Control

Barco EC-50 Event Controller
Both the E2 and S3-4K can be controlled by the Barco Event Master software, which offers control of the entire system and work flow from a computer or laptop. In addition to this Production AV have invested into the EC50 controller to allow operators hands on tactile control over sources, layers and preset.

For more details on the products please see their respective product pages.

Barco E2

Barco S3-4K

Barco EC-50

If you would like a quotation for a particular project, or a demo of the capabilities of the switcher, then please do contact us.

Superdry Autumn/Winter16 for Tarren Production Ltd

Banner for SuperDry AW2016Complete Conference AV Solution

Production AV had the pleasure of working for our long term client Tarren Production Ltd on several parts on the Autumn/Winter 2016 launch held by Superdry in Cheltenham in early January 2016. SuperGroup used a disused warehouse near their HQ in Cheltenham, which was used for a catwalk show and after show party, as well as running a series of presentations in their new staff canteen adjacent to the new site.

In the Cafe space, Tarren Production contracted Production AV to supply a simple but complete production package of sound lighting, video and staging. Utilising d&B Audio Q7 and QSUB speakers, D12 amplifiers and Allen and Heath QU32 mixing desk to provide a full range sound system for the spoken word and presentations, video was taken based around a 12,000 Lumen projector and 16’x9′ screen for the brightly lit space, with a Barco PDS901 switcher for allowing a clean fade between laptops and video playback handled by PlayBackPro+ running on Apple Mac Mini computers. Simple lighting highlighted the presenters on the 3m x 2m stage that was set up in the venue. Olie Goulding was onsite to oversee the running of the event and ensure that the presenters could focus on their presentations.

Barco HDX W12 - SuperDry

Fashion Show Catwalk Monitoring

Over in the launch area, Production AV provided several small but key bits of infrastructure. For the catwalk, a pair of Sony PMW-EX3 cameras were rigged in fixed positions, then fed their Full HD signals back to 3 pairs of Panasonic flatscreen displays positioned to allow the show caller and dressing teams to clearly monitor the action on the catwalk, and ensure they timed the model entrances correctly. Whilst not an overly glamorous part of the show, quality of the image and reliability were critical to ensure models were able to time the show correctly.

Presentation Flatscreen Hire

In a temporary structure located beside the catwalk space, members of the Superdry team briefed different groups on the new Sports and Snow product lines. Within this space Production AV provided a large 65″ Samsung LCD flatscreen display to enable the presentation to be seen clearly by the delegates. Another small d&b sound system with a wireless microphone allowed the presenter to be heard over the background noise of the busy site.

Our thanks go to Tarren Production Ltd for asking us work for them on this event.


Barco PDS901 3G available for Hire

Additional Investment in Barco PDS Series Switchers

Production av is now stocking the Barco PDS901 3G Switcher. Designed to complement our existing stock or Barco Image Processing (ScreenPRO II and ImagePRO II Dual) we have invested into the PDS Series of switchers.Barco PDS901 3G switcher for hire

Seamless switcher with digital Input and Output

The PDS901 3G offers 9 inputs:

  • 4 Universal Analog connections on VGA Connectors
  • 4 Digital DVI-I inputs with full HDCP Support
  • 1 3G/HD/SD SDI input

Outputs are on both Analog and DVI signal paths simultaneously, as well as offering a 3G/HD/SD SDI output that supports Barco Link technology, ideal for use with the Barco HDX-W20 Flex projectors. BarcoLink allows transmission of WUXGA Signals (1920×1200 @ 50/59.9/60Hz) over a single Coaxial cable up to 100m. This can dramatically simplify set up on site, and reduce cost, as fibre systems are no longer required.

Easy setup and Operation

The PDS is easy to set up, with test patterns for the optimisation of the display device, Logo stores for often used holding slides, and a built in webserver that enables remote control of the unit, including switching. The PDS series can also integrate into ScreenPRO II controlled systems acting as an auxiliary switcher for destinations such as stage relay monitors.

Available to Hire now

We have the PDS 901 3G available to hire now, alongside the Barco HDX Series projectors, ScreenPRO II and ImagePRO II Dual hardware as well as supporting hardware such as HD-SDI BNC cabling, TFT monitors and input sources.

PDS901 3G – £200 per Day, £600 per Week (ex VAT)

Please contact us for a specific quote relating to your requirements.

LED for Creative Capital

Production:av are proud to have been involved with the University of Wales’ Creative Capital Event held at the East Winter Gardens in Canary Wharf London. The event brought together a diverse mix of people from across the UK and Europe to showcase the talent and creativity that the University has within it’s Newport campus. The centre peice of the event were three LED screens – one at the rear of the stage 2.5m high by 14m wide and then a screen on either side of stage at 2.5m by 5m.

Production:av were brought in by Tarren Production to manage and provide the interface between the various content providers and the display in the form of an ultra wide LED screen at the rear of the stage and a smaller screen on each side of the stage.

Content was provided from the University and external sources, as well as a Catalyst Media Server System supplied by Production:av for the three day event. The sources were fed into a Barco Screen Pro II system to enable the multiple layers and looks that the event required to be programmed quickly and recalled on the fly as the show evolved. Cameras were operated by students from the University, which were fed into the vision mixer, whilst feeds from the stage for Powerpoint and computer sources were also ingested and processed as required.

The Screen Pro II control system fed the screens with a DVI signal via a Fibre Optic to enable the control to be positioned at the front of house position. It also meant that a one to one pixel map was possible on the Hibino 6mm LED screens- several ‘Sandpit’ sessions required high resolution text which looked absolutely fantastic, whilst a series of fashion shows pushed the creative abilities of the system.

Production:av Ltd would like to thank Tarren Production and Pugh Associates for involving us in the event.

Cheltenham National Hunt Festival 2007

Production:av supplied the prestigious Cheltenham Festival with video services for the annual event. With little change in the brief for the 4 day event this year, Production:av supplied the control side to ‘The Centaur’, including equipment and personnel. Taking the feeds from the Racetech broadcast feeds, Production:av supplied vision mixing and control equipment to send the signal to the supplied LED Screen. During the Mornings and after the racing finished cameras were utilised to relay action on the stage to the Large screen. Powerpoint and DVD sources also made appearances through the course of the event, especially in the run up to Thursdays first ‘Ladies Day’.

Per Una Fashion Show
The first Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival was held on the Thursday of the 4 day event. The centre piece of the day was the Per Una fashion show held in The Centaur. Two shows where held prior to the days racing. Giving the Ladies present in the audience the chance to see the new collections available from April, the shows were well received.

Technically the shows were of minimal additional requirements to the system that was already in place. Two additional cameras attended to capture the event for later promotional purposes, with the footage being taken backProduction:av, and then to the main screen, and also being fed back to the racecourse control, from where the images were sent to the rest of the racecourse.

Production:av was delighted to be involved and recognised as part of an ‘extremely helpful and enthusiastic team’ by the Per Una staff- something that we provide to every client.